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Occlusion disorders


Regenerative and aesthetic physiotherapy

Physio Human Center 

Physiotherapy specializing in pain-therapy

For over 20 years we have been offering safe, fast, goal-oriented and effective solutions to address the cause of your pain and injuries.

Pain therapy for well-being more complete!

Physiotherapy made simpler by the HCR instrument provided by The Humantecar® method

Recovering and improving of mobility through the restoration of microcirculation is one of the main goals of the center for body health.

Our skeletal system in addition to being the support structure for our body is fundamental when it comes to defending us from both the outside and the inside. It is on the inside that our bone marrow produces red and white blood cells, and platelets which together compose our blood.
Blood, in its turn, seen as an organ in a liquid state, delivers necessary substances such as nutrients to all of the body-cells. The bloodstream and blood-circulation are fundamental in uniting all parts of the body. The Cerebrospinal fluid acting on the nervous system is another substance within the body that serves as a binding element in the communication between systems: the brain, the cerebellum, and the autonomic nervous system. This fluid guarantees protection and promotes biochemical exchanges to maintain an adequate performance of all body functions and achieve overall balance. Another participant in this communication system is the Fascia, or the Fascial system, is a thin casing of connective tissue. It allows to convey mechanical information among organs, blood vessels, bones, CFS, nerve fibers, and muscles. .

Physio Human Center uses the Humantecar® Methodology considered today the best way to reboot and reactivate the vascular system in order to naturally stimulate fast and effective physical recovery, permitting long-term results and promoting a pain-free life.

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