Humantecar® MAT Treatment

Humantecar® MAT is a set of proprioception platforms* that stimulate the receptors of the feet to train the body and coordination. Find and improve your balance, coordination, elasticity and physical shape with the natural benefits of walking barefoot.

It is the ability to perceive and recognize the position of one’s body in space and the state of contraction of one’s muscles, even with one’s eyes closed. It provides the Central Nervous System with very precise information in real time, on various parameters related to the movement of the body: speed, force, direction, acceleration, and physiological parameters, on the state and on the biological changes that occur in the muscles, in the tendons and joints, as a result of the movement performed.

The characteristics of Humantecar® MAT

What is the Humantecar® MAT treatment?

A set of surfaces of various shapes and sizes. The Human Tecar Mat sets are made with different materials: polyethylene, polyurethane, viscoelastic materials designed specifically for this type of technology.

How does it work?

Human Tecar Mat platforms create different levels of instability by simulating multiple conditions of the natural terrain, forcing the body to constantly return to the equilibrium during the proprioceptive exercise, with consequent recovery of tone and strength.

What are the benefits?

Human Tecar Mat proprioceptive platforms have been specially designed to promote training, rehabilitation and re-education of the muscular system and through the stimulation of the foot, without weighing on the joints in any way.

The use of Human Tecar Mat platforms allows you to:
  • Stimulate the mechanoreceptors present on the sole of the foot;
  • Avoid mechanical shocks and osteoarticular overloads;
  • Promote greater energy expenditure (about 25% more than a rigid surface)