Humantecar® Method

Created to allow athletes to quickly recover their performance skills, the Humantecar® method is not limited to sports medicine. In fact, today Humantecar® is widely used in various areas including conventional physical therapies, post-surgical rehabilitation, phlebolymphology and vein pathologies, and the treatment of stress related after-effects.

The Humantecar® Method acts primarily on the management of the body-temperature through the controlled stimulation of the blood circulation and other identified bio-areas. This process makes it possible to influence various biochemical mechanisms through the nerve and muscle stimulation by ultrasound vibrations, relieving pain, improving strength and healthy muscle tone.

Delivering fast long-term and efficient results thanks to these two characteristics:


The possibility of receiving extended and repeated treatments, even within a single day.


The ability to selectively act on different mechanisms of the body that bring the whole system in balance.

What is the key to resolving various CIRCULATION issues?

Humantecar® acts on


Improving the micro-circulation




Increasing the temperature

  • A strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory action
  • A draining action at the tissue level
  • Strong functional stimulation at the peripheral vascular system level
  • An immediate recovery of balance, tone and muscle strength
  • A quick restoration of mobility