Humantecar® Reset Body Treatment

Humantecar® Diathermy therapy deals with the well-being of the body as a whole: it identifies and treats every problem from a global point of view. All systems and processes of the organism are interconnected and influence each other, so much so that an imbalance, which apparently has no connection with the pathology, can compromise the success of the therapy and the time required to heal.

How does it work

The specialist will begin the treatment by applying products with functional ingredients, based on the principles of aromatherapy. Its purpose is to eliminate tension, stimulate the lymphatic and vascular system, relax hyper-tense muscles and purify the skin, in order to enhance and accelerate the beneficial effects of Humantecar® technology.
The olfactory stimulation, thanks to the active principles of the aromatic products, is not only an instrument to solve problems, but also provides those who undergo treatment, a feeling of general well-being and pleasant relaxation.

The RESET BODY is a fundamental part of Humantecar® therapy: a specific preliminary treatment, consisting of two phases, designed to lower the patient’s stress level and therefore improve the response to the treatment. It combines special manual techniques and the use of functional products based on aromatherapy substances, each with a specific function.

The first phase consists in lowering the skin impedance, the major obstacle to the passage of energy. The toxins that accumulate on the skin contribute to this phenomenon, and a simple cleansing is not enough to eliminate them.

The second phase further prepares the body to derive the maximum benefit from the therapy. It involves the use of three aromatic essences: a Quintessence for the Relaxing Decontracting massage, to promote muscle relaxation and oxygenation, a Quintessence for the Draining Lymphoarticular massage, performing instrumental therapy after this preparation is the best way to ensure that the body reacts to the treatment quickly and effectively.

At the end of the therapy, sometimes long and intense, it is necessary to restore the vitality of the muscle tissue, but also of the nervous system. A glove soaked in the Quintessence for the Revitalizing Toning massage.